Cauzasi apartments – Bucharest

design architect, completed, 2015
7 apartments, 1150 sqm gross area, 560 sqm land

This is a family investment occupying a plot in ultracentral Bucharest, in a classified historic urban area with strict and quite dull regulations that imposed the general volume shape, comprising an approval from the Ministry of Culture for any intervention prior to the Building Permit application. Partially this explains the retro esthetics of the building, which shelters 4 apartments for the private use of the owners, and another 3 for rent. All the units were made-to-measure according to the very particular and often contradictory demands of the final users. The Hochparter register is clad in travertine stone, while the rest is conventional plaster on masonry.

The architectural attempt started from the metaphor of ”The little Paris” as Bucharest used to be known in the 30’s – that is, when most of the surrounding neighborhood of this building was established.

[photos: Radu Malasincu]

Mihai DuțescuProjectsCauzasi apartments – Bucharest

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