Mixed used building for the Boteanu-Ienii Orthodox Church – Bucharest

bell tower, funeral chapel, meeting room, library
design architect, completed, 2013-2018

The Orthodox Church is one of the most controversial yet relevant and beloved public institutions in Romania. Boteanu-Ienii Parish, situated in the very heart of Bucharest, asked for a new bell tower to replace the old and humble wooden one dating from the end of the 19th century, and for several other contradictory spaces to be sheltered under the same roof. Moreover, the only available location was am equally challenging one, sharing the same courtyard with the church itself and with the priest’s house, and attached to the blind wall of a fin-de-siècle house on the neighboring plot.

In which regards the design, it had to meet not only very strict urban regulations due to the ultra central position within the city and to the historical area demands, but also the internal approval protocols of the Orthodox Church administrative structures, known for their highly conservative views.

Mihai DuțescuProjectsMixed used building for the Boteanu-Ienii Orthodox Church – Bucharest

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