"Mociornita" Factory Conversion – Bucharest

design architect, ongoing, 2019 -
76 apartments, 6735 sqm gross area, 1650 sqm basement, 2062 sqm land

This is one of the iconic inter-war factories of Bucharest, famous for its shoes production. The site of this project is a small part of the former factory site and the first attempt to reuse the existing structures.

Due to the current status of these buildings - that is, not in use for almost 20 years and close to collapse - the intervention resulted very complex, comprising the demolition and the complete replacing of one of the old building blocks, and partial demolition of the others, with bold extensions and modifications of their internal layouts as to accommodate a residential use.

The result seeks to propose a homogenous and consistent image for this place, preserving as much as possible the genuine character of the exposed brick corner building that becomes the core of the new composition. 

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