Renovation of a historic villa – Bucharest

design architect, completed, 2016-2018

This is a residential project which reuses a rather unfunctional villa built around 1930, presumably designed by architect Tascu Ciulli, which was a prolific exponent of a local Art Deco idiom called the Neo-Romanian style. 

The impact onto the exterior of the house was kept minimal, maintaining most of the architectural elements that compose the facades, whereas the interior logic has been completely changed as initially the villa comprised 2 distinct apartments. The new proposal kept just the exterior walls envelope, and designed from scratch the layouts, offering a unique luxury dwelling developed on 4 storeys. The construction techniques and materials involved into the facades' renovation were mostly traditional, trying to preserve the historic character of the house.

Mihai DuțescuProjectsRenovation of a historic villa – Bucharest

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