A house for 2 generations – Chitila, Ilfov 

design architect, completed, 2010
532 sqm gross area, 1165 sqm land

Chitila is a satellite-town of Bucharest which due to a new masterplan became a good living alternative, although it still keeps a lot of its rural sediments. This project is located in the newest neighborhood of this town, with generous plots, good public networks and an important presence of natural scenery (lake, forest), which usually lacks in most of the Southern Romanian cities.

The project consists of 3 interventions: a villa for the main family, an indoor pool, and a smaller house for the grandparents. Beside this traditional structure of the family that had to be satisfied, the owners asked for a general traditional and conservative feeling for their home. They almost rejected any modern expression or modern building materials and techniques. For this reason, the design challenge was to find a contemporary and coherent interpretation of the typical Balkans two stories villa, trying to understand its logic and adapt it to the contemporary lifestyle.

[photos: Cosmin Dragomir]

Mihai DuțescuProjectsA house for 2 generations – Chitila, Ilfov

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