Cernica Residential Park, Pantelimon, Ilfov

design architect, with Hoffmann-Janz ZT GmbH
1000 apartments, leisure facilities - masterplan & building permit documentation, 2006

The proposal tries to develop a Greenfield concept on a flat terrain in a Bucharest suburbia. The estate consists of 8 different types of buildings grouped into a residential park along a green pedestrian path opened towards a natural terrace with a great view over the Pantelimon Lake. The scheme is based on 2 concepts:

- Comfort: single-family house [intimacy, green areas, courtyard, sunlight, silence, large areas, variety]

- Efficiency: the block of flats [series, unity, density, low-costs]

These 2 concepts combined almost diagrammatically created a residential scheme whose buildings' types are closer to an apartments villa, with private courtyards, terraces and penthouses at the upper floors, than to a conventional block of flats. Therefore, it tries to meet as much as possible the qualities and the atmosphere of a single-families housing estate, though in a dense scheme and conceived with series elements.

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